Borrower Connect includes all of your three-year cohort information to help improve the way you communicate with borrowers. You can focus on specific populations, making you more effective with less effort. And with the CDR forecasting tool, the portfolio analysis dashboard lets you adjust strategies and see how a more targeted approach is making a difference for your borrowers.

All Your Info in One Place

All of your cohort information in one place. 

Access three active cohort years of loan data from federal and nonprofit loan servicers. By collecting this information centrally, Borrower Connect provides cleansed, aggregated loan portfolio data. And you gain the ability to improve borrower outreach regardless of loan program type.

Export your data.

Need a snapshot? Or a full-scale report? With Borrower Connect, you can export all of your institution’s borrower, loan and communication history data. You can even update internal systems, do a deeper dive with the analysis, share new information with loan servicers or even manage how you perform portfolio allocation.
Export Your Data

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Boost your default prevention program with big data

Actionable ways you can use data to get a clear picture of your borrowers and use those insights to improve your default prevention efforts.

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