We’ve heard from students that they understand the importance of a fulfilling career to their overall happiness and wellbeing, but they wish they had more guidance on which steps will get them there. We’re taking a new approach by providing the support a student needs to manage their time, money and life while in school to ultimately lead them to a successful future.


Nonacademic skills to set students up for success.

Students face significant milestones on the road to success that have little to do with their actual programs of study such as applying to college, managing money and time, finding a job and paying back student loans. Success Center modules feature content that addresses these key issues before, during and after college to increase students’ opportunity to be successful.

Addressing various learning styles.

Information is presented in a variety of ways including text, graphics, videos, activities and exercises. Modules are presented as a series of lessons, activities and tasks allowing students to learn a little about a specific topic, then dive deeper into that subject by completing an exercise, and finally applying it to themselves by completing a related personal task. At the end of each lesson, students have the opportunity to read a brief summary of the content. They will also be given a chance to check their comprehension of the content with a brief quiz. Students scoring a passing grade will be congratulated, but any student scoring less than 100 percent will be encouraged to take the assessment again.


Other Features

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Pre-College Modules

Before students enter college, there are unique skills and resources they need. We've got modules to help educate students on these topics.

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How we work

Learn more about our unique approach to developing solutions to guide students toward success at each stage of the journey.

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Post-College Modules

Take a look at the modules aimed at providing resources necessary once an individual is no longer in school.

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