Not enough time and resources to improve your cohort default rate (CDR) or just keep it in check? With Student Connections Borrower ConnectTM, our patented cohort management tool, analyze your full borrower portfolio data instantly, communicate directly and effectively with borrowers, and track your progress in real time. All in one, easy-to-use, Web-based environment.


Your one-stop shop for borrower data

Don't waste time searching for borrower information in multiple databases and spreadsheets. Borrower Connect gives you quick access to three active cohort years of loan data from federal and nonprofit loan servicers. You can also export all of your institution’s borrower, loan and communication history data to create a snapshot or a full-scale report.


Target communications for more effective outreach

Use your resources more efficiently with proactive borrower communications based on repayment status. Borrower Connect streamlines this process with customizable email, letter and phone outreach options. And, if you want to partially or completely outsource your borrower outreach efforts, we're here to help!




Monitor your CDR and default prevention efforts

Track borrower data, communication campaign activities and results to monitor your progress toward your default prevention goals. Borrower Connect’s real-time dashboard puts a snapshot of your cohort portfolio activity at your fingertips. In one streamlined view, you can see cure rate and cohort default rate (CDR) trends, examine forecasted best-case and worst-case CDR scenarios and more.



Our partnership with Student Connections has helped us get a solid handle on our default prevention strategy. We didn’t have to figure out which borrowers we needed to contact or which messages to deliver. Student Connections helped us figure that out.

Ready to streamline your default prevention efforts?

Determine which service level is right for your institution or see the user-friendly Borrower Connect tool in action.


Overcoming nonacademic barriers to success

Developed in partnership with higher education experts and students, Student Connections Success CenterSM equips students with resources to learn the skills they will need to succeed in college and beyond.

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How many days are left in the cohort year?

Use our dynamic tool to monitor how many days are remaining to impact the active student loan borrower cohorts.

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What Our Customers Think About Borrower Connect

Learn how higher education institutions are using Borrower Connect to streamline communication with their student loan borrowers and management their default prevention efforts. 

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