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Reimagining our student success program

Sara Wilson

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Life Skills, the financial literacy and student success program we have been offering since 2000, will be phased out on June 10, 2017. This wind down is a little bittersweet for me.

I have worked on the Life Skills solution since 2007, and it has become a passion project for me. I am incredibly proud of how Life Skills has contributed to the success of the students and schools we serve. However, to truly meet the needs of schools and students, we knew our program needed to adjust to keep up with changing technology and user preferences.

Since we introduced Life Skills, the curriculum has evolved from paper workbooks, VCR tapes and interactive games on CD ROM to a completely online platform with interactive content and assessments. Now, the Life Skills curriculum has been used as the foundation for the initial modules released as part of the Success Center student success solution.

In conjunction with our student and expert advisory boards, we’ve developed this solution to provide relevant, engaging content for students to learn the important practical skills for success in college and beyond. To make the information even more compelling, Success Center content is available where and when students want it. Delivered through our WhichWay app, each module is broken down into bite-sized lessons and exercises, so students can learn when it is convenient for them. If you would like to learn more about Success Center and see the WhichWay app in action, schedule a demo.

As we prepare to bring Life Skills to a close, we’re working with our current customers to ensure a smooth transition. I want to take this moment to thank all of our Life Skills customers for their passion for educating students on these important topics. I look forward to continuing to partner with you to provide this new solution to your students! I’m confident that Success Center will build on Life Skills’ legacy in a way that engages, educates and guides even more students to successful futures.

Sara WilsonSara Wilson is a product manager at Student Connections.